Search all cosmetics ingredients by INCI name, CAS number, or EC number in ToxPartner’s Cosmetics Ingredients Database. Get insights into cosmetic ingredient restrictions and/or prohibitions (CosIng Annexes), along with data from the REACH Authorization List, Candidate List, and Restriction List. Stay ahead of potential future regulatory changes by monitoring all cosmetic ingredients’ Registries of Intentions for among others, Harmonised Classification and Labelling (CLH), Restriction under REACH, and Identification of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).

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This is an example of how ToxPartner Cosmetic Ingredients Database looks.

▼ Cosmetic Incredient Example (INCI Name)CAS Number:


EC Number:


General Information ⓘ
Nanomaterials Catalogue in Europe
Cosmetic Ingredients (CosIng) Annex Entries
AnnexReference NumbersTitlesProduct Type, body partsMaximum concentration in ready for use preparationOthersWording of conditions of use and warnings
Annex III
III/56 Title of Annex (a) Leave -on products (b) Rinse-off products (a) 0,01 % (b) 0,1 % For (a) and (b): Not to be used in sunscreen products and products marketed for exposure to natural/artificial UV light. As from 3 March 2018, to be printed on the label: The mixing ratio.

REACH Specific Processes ⓘ

Registry of Intentions for Harmonised Classification and Labelling (CLH)
StatusProposed EndpointsOpinion DateOpinion Adoption DeadlineIntention DateCommenting DeadlineConsultation Start DateSubmission DeadlineWithdrawal DateProposed ConcentrationsOpen Hazard ClassesRemarksATP Number Date
Opinion Adopted Reproductive toxicity 1A 09-Dec-2022 01-Jan-2023 01-Apr-2013 01-Dec-2026 oral: ATE = 1049 mg/kg bw;inhalation: ATE = 3.64 mg/L (mist) All hazard classes (physical hazards as well as hazards to human health and the environment) with the exception of respiratory sensitisation Propose new additional labelling
Registry of Intentions for restriction under REACH
StatusRestriction ScopeRestriction ReasonRemarksIntention DateSubmission DateWithdrawal DateWithdrawal ReasonEvidence Call DeadlineAnnex XV Final DeadlineSeac Deadline
Intention Restricting the placing on the market of mixtures. Environmental risks for non-target organisms being in the aquatic compartment. Stakeholders are requested to provide relevant information to the Dossier Submitter. 01-Oct-2022 01-Oct-2023

REACH restriction list (Annex XVII)
This substance is restricted under REACH
Registry of Intentions for the Identification of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)
StatusEndpointsIntention DateSubmission DateAccordance Check DateWithdrawal DateRemarksConsultation Start DateConsultation DeadlineMSC Agreement DateMSC DateMSC Opinion DateInclusion Date
Intention Reproductive toxicity 1A 01-Nov-2022 01-Nov-2025 Meets the criteria of Article 57 (d) of Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH) as a substance which is persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic when it contains ≥ 0.1 % w/w 29-Nov-2023
Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern for Authorization
EndpointsInclusion DateRemarks
Reproductive toxicity 15-Jan-2022
REACH Authorization List (Annex XIV)
EndpointsApplication DeadlineSunset DateException UsesReview PeriodsInclusion DateRemarks
Reproductive toxicity 1A 01-Jan-2023 01-Jul-2025

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